10 Day Basic Cleanse

10-Day Simple Cleanse

Why is this 10-Day Simple CLEANSE for you?
Cleanse and remove waste, parasites, heavy metal, mucus, etc.…
Rehydrate the bowel.
Repair the gut wall.
Replace digestive enzymes and rebalance flora.
Repair the gut-brain connection.
Reeducate yourself about your intestine.
Experience regular, healthy elimination.
Eliminate cravings.
Detox negative thoughts and unhealthy habits.
Feel lighter and sexier.
Feel safe & supported for the whole 10 days cleanse. We are here for you!
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This Cleanse includes:
10 sessions of colon hydrotherapy
Daily herbs and implant
One ion foot detox bath
One liver cleanse

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How to prepare at home before your cleanse:
1. Eat soft foods (fresh juice, smoothies, simple soups and water)
Health is an adventure. Enjoy it.
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