10 Day Basic Cleanse

10-Day Better Body Simple Cleanse

Why is this 10-Day Better Body Simple CLEANSE for you?
Cleanse and remove waste, parasites, heavy metal, mucus, etc…
Rehydrate the bowel
Repair the gut wall
Replace digestive enzymes and rebalance flora
Repair the gut-brain connection
Reeducate yourself about your intestine
Experience regular, healthy elimination
Eliminate cravings
Detox negative thoughts and unhealthy habits
Feel lighter and sexier
Feel safe & supported for the whole 10 days cleanse. We are here for you!
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This Cleanse includes:
10 sessions of colon hydrotherapy
Daily herbs and implant
One ion foot detox bath
Daily infrared sauna or bioMat or ZaaZ machine
One liver cleanse

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How to prepare at home before your cleanse:
1. Eat soft foods (fresh juice, smoothies, simple soups and one gallon of water)
Health is an adventure. Enjoy it.
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