When we attempt to explain the power of energy, we compare it to going into a room and flipping the light switch and seeing the light turn on, we do not see the energy as it goes thru the wires, but we see the end result. That is how Bio-Kinetic testing is. You cannot see the energy that runs the light, but you can see the end result.

Science teaches us that each individual body cell, of our trillion cells, generates energy. Each cell is like a miniature electrical generator with a small sodium/potassium pump. As the negative and positive elements move back and forth across the cell membrane, energy is released.

There are certain vibrations to herbs, flowers, colors, smells, artwork, and musical pitch. These vibrations are received into your energy field where they create a healing response within the body. The vibration will be different from one person to the next which means that we may respond to a color or sound differently than anyone else would. That’s why there are many moods to music, different shades of colors, forms of art, tastes of food, smells to perfumes, and flowers available.

With this in mind, there are certain things that benefit all most everyone, good clean food, exercise and getting outside and soaking up some sunshine.

I like to use food as a basis of nutiriton and here are some favorites

Pumpkin seeds

brazil nuts

sesame seeds

Braggs seasonings


Celtic Sea Salt