Pre&-Postnatal Massage

ValorasGarden_post_images_postnatalThere is a story of the small villages in India, that when a baby is born, all the women of the village gather together and give the mommy and baby a massage, they make a herbal wrap and wrap up her tummy. As a celebration of the miracle of life and support for the mom, they sing songs and tell stories of their miracles. I know personally the work that a mommy’s body goes thru to get a baby here. A massage after the adrenaline has worn off sounds great to me. This story rings of love and support and beauty. Although I can’t create the love and nurturing of a village, I can give a fabulous massage. If this sounds good to you, I have a special deal. If you schedule a Postnatal Massage within one month of baby’s birth, It’s just $40.