Harmonic Massage

I love energy and frequencies.  Everything is energy.  Energy is everything.  If you eat crap, you are going to feel like crap.. I am passionate about nutrition, but this is about traumatic events in our lives.  I use tuning forks to clear chakras, to clear organs, to clear muscles and pain and found out by accident, I can clear emotions too.  Our biofield is out five feet from our body.  Five feet out is where birth is.  And its a timeline in toward the heart.  I’ve found that more is stored on the left, than the right.  I asume because of the heart.  So as I wave the tuning forks over the body and in the biofield, I find riffs and dark spots, or just spots that are out of tune. And I hold the tuning fork until it sounds clear.  An emotional release usually follows or a sense of completion and lightness.